New: D-6, D-19

6 days till the exams...
19 days till I hear back from RISD and Cooper Union

I can't really think right now.
I think I'm tired. Like I'm exhausted.
But my head is keep spinning and spinning.

I'm getting anxious as I anticipate more of the results.
The results that'll make me happy and sad.

Ultra, super.
Sometimes I wish I have some kind of super power.
Just to do whatever I want for a day.
And then, I would regret and go back to normal life.
That'll fun.

Beautiful songs make me happy.
Right now I'm listening to L'amoureuse by Carla Bruni.
I have no idea what this song is about (love song?)
And I don't know anything about French.
But every word, whenever she pronounces it,
she sings it,
it's so pretty and makes me happy.

Just can't get enough.

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  1. SUE KIDD…
    You know honestly I don’t really know what to tell you… that emotionally exhaustion I experienced before and after I applied to college was something that I don’t know how I got over BUT honestly as I look back now I can’t help but think that I was wasting my time. WITH OR WITHOUT nyu there is SOO much living and accomplishments that I have left to do. NO college or university can take that away from me. And I believe the same for you: CU or RISD will not make or break you BECAUSE THE Suee KIDD that I know will be great no matter where she goes :}
    BUT THIS may help:
    When I learned about the complexities that make vision possible I CRIED. Literally (and I don’t cry easy)… but all the complicated parts and processes that want into it made me BREATH, laugh, cry and thank evolution or god or whatever one believes that I could see the combinations of colors and the beauty around me. To me college in comparison is so trivial and just being ABLE to see makes me thankful enough… do you know what I mean? Just sight in itself is enough.
    It might be kinda confusing… I am still working it out for myself why learning about sight had that affect on me… but maybe you too?
    Even now I just keep saying: “thankyouthankyouthankyou!” with a big smile on my face and tears in my eyes :}
    Dinner for me now.