I miss summer terribly.
I want school to be over soon.

Grizzly Bear

directed by Allison Schulnik

My friend recently showed me this artist's works and I immediately fell in love. I really adore her style and use of materials.. Even her paintings are very abstract but still representational which I really like! But I gotta love her use of textures. My recent works are pretty much concentrated on texture and movement, and certainly her works really inspired me a lot to create new works. She definitely became one of my favorite artists. :)

Parsons challenge

New artworks produced for Parsons challenge!
I used to hate office max, but now I am in love with that store.
I should go there often whenever I need to print something. :)

And, it's Feburary!!!
I'm very very super (what?) excited!!!!
March, April, May, June.. 4 more months and I'm done with school!

Can't wait till I go off to college :)


I found some interesting old pictures back in the days when I risked my life to get down to Michigan river for Cooper Union. Good old memories. I don't think I have enough courage now to go down that hill.. or should I say cliff. Counting, 18 days till I get notifications. Nervous? Kind of. Sort of. Very. Mucho. I cannot wait till I do my independent study for drawing. 2nd semester is going to be very interesting.