It's like I want summer during winter
and I want winter during summer.

I hate getting hot
and I hate getting cold.

Am I just selfish?


  1. Sue kidd
    Sue kidd
    I <3 u
    And it’s okay
    Being selfish… seeking comfort… its all okay
    Because if you aren’t selfish for yourself who else will do it for you??

    I am going to read through your blog… I <3 u and miss u and wish for the best for u

    Btw… unrelated BUT I found out why I was rejected from NYU- apparently the applied psychology program is like the best in the country… who knew? I didn’t SO as my gpa/test scores were good for NYU not for the applied psych department… awesome

  2. aww, jessica. it's okay :( you're still the best! I had no idea you had to choose.. like a department/major for NYU when you apply. That's kinda crazy... anyways, so what are colleges are you looking at? I hope everything works out well! I miss you crazy and we should def plan something out!!