New: thoughts

fml, my chair just broke.
I just want to get rid of this freaking chair. damn it.

today has been a good day..
I had a headache, so I didnt go to the morning classes but still...
I think I'm going to take a brief nap and just start my homework.

I realized how hard it is to get into art school.
Portfolio is just slowly or rather rapidly consuming my life.
I get stuck with certain ideas and feel not creative enough while I'm painting.
Well, I mean..
I feel like every art piece is not strong enough for my portfolio aka scholarship.
And that is why I've been so busy and not able to update my bloggg.

I just hope I get accepted.
Big smiley face.

I realized how a lot of people think about attending/applying to art schools.
Just shocks me right away.
I guess.. they can?
but the way they think about art school is..
1) so cool
2) artsy, hippy
3) art scene
4) liberal = do whatever you want to do
5) no studies.
6) um-ma-gawd.. i luvv fashion.

especially number five and number six bother me the most.
What the hell? art students actually have to work hard and think. get it? haha
and yeah... stop thinking about Project Runway and Marc Jacobs for god's sake.
That only happens to like what.. 5%?
Really pathetic.
The reality is that people will keep think that way and it will never be fixed.

But, ultimately... who the heck cares? hahaha
My only hope right now is to get accepted to the school I apply this winter.
wish me a luck.


  1. Sue. YOU’RE AN AMAZING ARTIST!! but… what are you saying savors strongly of bitterness :(…
    1. I think colleges are well aware of that fact, and they search for the serious students (# list)
    2. I got some great advice the other day (Jess Greene is attempting to quote):
    a.Don’t keep hyping about colleges it’s not worth your energy.
    b.This one I had to look up: “Live your life well in spite of senior year stress--do random things, do normal things--you may find a good last-minute topic.” //// you may find a good pic/painting idea
    I know that both of those are easier said then done but its great advice. I am kinda freaking out about NYU but at the same time I have never believed that a college can define me or who I am going to be. No matter where I go, the same goes with you (!!! your amazing!!), we will be great! Without a doubt :)

    I hope that you aren’t irritated about what I am saying…
    i hope you get all you want!!!

  2. jessica, i freaking miss you so much. as soon as this college crap is over, we need to talk!!!!!!!!!!! like through phone everyday hahaha